Sunday, 19 April 2009

The ab contour ab belt - Wish I'd got a flexbelt instead!

I recently saw a TV commercial for the Contour Abs belt (as the saying goes, 'as seen on TV'!), and paid a visit to their website.

To cut a long story short, I ended up ordering a Contour Abs without doing my research first, or bothering to read the terms on their website. I didn't realise that in total, it was going to cost me over $200!! First there was the $14.95 "free trial" fee, and then FOUR payments on my credit card, $49 a month!!

I thought all along that I would get a Flexbelt, I've been looking for a while and a couple friends already have one - but I saw the contour abs belt and figured it was a LOT cheaper...if I'd realised it was going to work out more expensive than the flexbelt, I'd have just ordered that in the first place! If i'd done my research and read the comparison of the contour abs I found first, I wouldn't have ordered one in the first place!

So now, I have the hassle of returning the Contour Abs belt...I'm not going to keep it, the quality isn't that great and I KNOW the flexbelt is good and works. I found a very positive review of it which helped make my mind up this as soon as Ab contour refund me, I'm ordering a flexbelt! (Read the ab belt review click here)

Just thought I'd post this anyway, so others don't make the same mistake I did and fall into the Contour Abs trap! The price is way too high and the product is not very good - just don't try to cut corners like I did and make sure you get the best from the start!

Check out the Flexbelt - click here - and I found a good comparison of the Contour Abs vs the Flex Belt - read it before you buy a Contour Abs belt!

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